Ifedolapo, unlike any other was one who loved to connect with family and friends. She devoted herself to caring for and seeing that she offered a hand of love, words of encouragement, planting seeds of love, strength and comfort to those who were blessed to know her. Her family decided that they would do whatever it took to keep that big heart alive beyond her time here.

The IDAF foundation, though born out of emotional will, was set up to build her essence around an organizational structure that will ensure that the trust lives on, and the causes for which she gave herself to is etched into innumerable hearts and girls are given better opportunities to reach their dreams.

IDAF is beginning with its flagship project, which is to see to it that the underprivileged girl-child is given the educational opportunity that will ensure they are well prepared for the beautiful future ahead of them. More often than not, opportunity is what makes the difference between a girl’s dream and its realization. And as Dolapo always gave herself to this end, the Foundation, naturally follows in that same spirit and will do everything within its power to ensure that this cause is kept alive.

You might begin to wonder, “Why the girl child alone?”

It is often known that within the African context, the underprivileged girl has an even slimmer chance at getting the education she needs to reach her dreams. This project does not sideline the boys, because in the larger scheme of things they have their roles. What IDAF simply has is a narrow focus to make sure that the beautiful girl flowers in the society will be helped to blossom.  Women are mostly responsible for the next generation, and the foundation will stop at nothing to ensure that it carves out and creates opportunities to nurture girls in the right direction, both for Nigeria and this beautiful world of ours beautified by them.

To this end, the vision of this Foundation is:  “To provide opportunities for the underprivileged girl-child”.

     The mission:  We are committed to providing quality educational opportunities and empowerment for the underprivileged girl-child.  We shall seize every opportunity of advocacy for the girl-child.

     Core Values:  Accountability – Compassion – Excellence – Equal Opportunities.