Over the years, I have observed and learned throughout the history of humanity that whatever is worthy of reference and makes the difference in our lives did not come easy. Considerable effort and commitment on some individual’s initiative got us there. Any significant change in the transition from one age to another, generation to generation, or civilization to civilization was triggered by the thoughts, choices and actions of some persons – one small step after another, at times, painful.

If we consider the electricity that we take for granted today, the journey has gone right from the experiments of the German physicist Otto von Guericke about 1650 to the English physicist Stephen Gray’s works in 1729, Benjamin Franklin in 1752, Alessandro Volta in 1800, George Simon Ohm in 1827, Michael Faraday in 1931, Charles F. Brush in 1876, Thomas Alva Edison in 1879, Louis Latimer in 1881, George Westinghouse in 1885, William Stanley in 1886, Heinrich Hertz and Nikola Tesla in 1888, Elihu Thomson in 1901, and Conrad Hubert in 1902/1903. The epochs achieved by each of these historical figures in the discovery of electricity and invention of its various dimensions took years and considerable self-denials to achieve.

In similar manner, we all visit the restroom but give no thought to the water closet that is arguably the greatest invention of the 20thcentury! Nothing so dramatically transformative of the way we live – from digging a hole and covering it up to the pit latrine and the urban bucket system! Everything that has followed was mere incremental improvement.

If any person will make history by impacting humanity positively, s/he must depart from the mundane and subject himself/herself to the discipline of sacrifice. You can make the change that will result in a remarkable outcome. PAY THE PRICE!’, “Nothing remarkable happens until somebody has paid the price for it.”