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Beautiful Dolapo! 

My name is Oluwabusayo Onome Oyetunji, I am 22 years old. Dolapo Adedipe is my role model. I am currently a master’s student at Imperial College London. Prior to this, I set up a charity organization at the age of 17, set up and managed a food store at the age of 20 and rebranded a business to new levels of profitability at the age of 21. I would not have done all this things without Dolapo’s guidance. I came under Dolly P’s mentorship at the age of 16 and I have not left ever since. Dolapo pushes you to be better. She is ridiculously intelligent. She sets records and breaks them. I adopted her fighting and excellence sprit and am doing very well today!

There are not enough words and not enough time for me to describe the person of Dolapo and how she completely changed my life.

Dolly P!!! Beautiful, intelligent, kind, generous and a Jesus Lover.

I grew up with Dolapo. We went to birthday parties together, had family outings together and even spent holidays together but it was until I got to university that I really knew Dolapo.

Dolly P loved me for reasons beyond my understanding. I was a very stubborn, angry and naughty growing up. She never judged. It’s like she saw my soul, my struggles to be a better person and my fears about life and school.

Dolly P, got into University at the age of 15 and had to figure everything out by herself from a very young age. She defines strength, resilience and perseverance. She literally took my hands and worked me through University. She picked my elective courses for me and continually reminded me that I could do all things. In my darkest times in school Dolapo words of strength and encouragement kept me going. She came back to visit Tosin and I a couple of times after she graduated and it was always a beautiful surprise. We would go for long walks and talk at length.

Dolapo shaped the person that I am today. I have accomplished so many great things and I will still do more by God’s grace because of her direction and her persistent reminder that nothing is difficult. She believed so much in me that I started to believe in myself.

There are only two people that know me very well. Dolapo and my grandmother.

From the time Dolapo was in coma till the time she was resurrected in Christ. I prayed. My prayers were desperate. I prayed to the point I was groaning. I was desperate for her to wake up. I asked God to give her half of my life. I will never be able to fully describe the depth of my love for Dolapo and my gratitude towards her. She changed me!

She was literally the foundation I built my life decisions on. I didn’t make any decision without consulting Dolapo. I even got her advice on trivial issues, for example, because she uses only Rose toilet paper it became my best toilet paper.

After Dolapo was risen with Christ. I was completely shattered. Then my grandmother followed her two weeks later. It was the lowest and most painful moment of my life. Dolapo is beautiful, absolutely stunning, content with life and a lover of Jesus.

Every time I am down and I want to give up, I remember my many conversations with Dolapo and I also think about what she would say or do in that situation. I gain strength and push through it. Dolly P is small but mighty, wise beyond her years. I never want to disappoint her because am sure she is watching me and praying for me.

I would not be who I am today if Dolapo didn’t allow God use her to lay the foundation for God’s plan in my life. She thought me to be compassionate, kind, respectful and content. She loved me. She was good to my friends. She transformed my life!

So many fond memories with Dolapo but I don’t have the written words to described them. They have to be spoken not written! Am sorry the beneficiaries of this foundation will not get to meet Dolapo. It’s the rarest privilege to have known her and to be loved by her. She played the pivotal role in my life.

The most precious gift Dolapo gave me is, ‘Busayo I want you to do better than me’. She said to me, Busayo, I have done economics for four years and it’s not difficult, you can beat my record and make a first class and I did. She taught me in giving you receive. Dolapo always left you better than how she meet you!

Dolly P is never far from my heart. She is always in my heart and head reminding me that I can fly, and now am heading for the heavens.


Oluwabusayo Onome Oyetunji